my little wardrobe.


006. Erase and Rewind

Just wanted to drop by to say “Hi” :)

hair: Truth

sunglasses: Tabloid x Summerfest

necklace: Paper Couture

jacket: tres blah

top: urbana. (currently unavailable)

bracelet: [glow] studio x TDR Fusion

shorts: Emery x FaMeshed

shoes: mijn. boutique


In case you were wondering…


Hey friends, customers, anyone who’s reading. I just want everyone to know that these past few months have been very busy for me in RL. I pretty much had a turning point in my life. First, I got hired toward the end of the summer. I work full time in education, and I’m very very dedicated to what I do, and love it more than anything else. And then I started dating again. Before, SL became work and I was spending way too much time in it. My social life was lacking, and now I have a wonderful boyfriend who I spend a lot of time with, and a growing friendship circle. Basically, I’m almost never home, and when I am, I’m so exhausted or busy doing things that need to be prioritized before SL like cooking, chores, exercising, etc. Honestly, I wasn’t living RL like a healthy person should, but am enjoying it very much these days. Quite simply, I’ve found a happiness within myself that I haven’t had in a very long time. Though, I do miss SL, and will still stick around :) 

And for those wondering about the store, urbana will still be open. Finding a RL-SL balance is something that I will try to work on, maybe spend a little bit of my weekends designing, but I will probably spend the bulk of my SL time catching up on shopping, haha. So, because of this, I will only release things once in a while. More like seasonal collections. My store is already small, so it will be treated like a boutique, which will be much more manageable for me. Really, I do miss this place! 

Well, hope everyone is doing well :)




005. american woman

hair: tuty’s

glasses: yummy

lipstick: vive9

necklace: glow studio x culture shock

shirt: gok x creactivevent

bangles: sigma (old event)

shorts: mon tissu

stockings: awram-viie

boots: gos


004. ramblin’ woman.

hair: wasabi pills x culture shock

eye makeup: handmade

earrings: rama rowanberry

necklace: izzie’s

bra: awram-viie

tank: ladies who lunch x culture shock

shorts: into dust.

stockings: imbue.

bracelets: league

ring: lagyo x culture shock

boots: gos


003. glamazon. named this glamazon cause i’m such a huge fan of sharon needles, rupaul, and rupaul’s drag race.

hair: burley

lipstick: shakeup

necklace: glow studio

undershirt: urbana. x culture shock

jumpsuit: ison x culture shock

ring: cia x culture shock

shoes: anexx

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